Tote with a Twist        GBA & NCBA Conventions     
11" x 7" x 8", 15" w/Handle
5"x10" wood base with flat oval stakes and weavers.    Double braid
weave  and
3 rod wale horizontal bands of 2 colors, add    textural
twist.   Finish in  the cable stitch rim border  and  a  handmade
teardrop handle in double cane braid wrap attached with double cross
                          Pattern $5  Kit $79
Rectangle Sampler     NCBA &  GBA Conventions      
8" x 14" x 8 1/2"  Juried in S.C. State Museum Palmetto Hands
Traveling Exhibit
oven filled-in base, sampler techniques:  french randing, braid
weave, double 4 rod wale, cable stitch border, leather handles
at rim. Choose accent color and leather handles in cocoa, navy,
hunter, red. Pattern $5.00 Kit $89
                                                                   ADVANCED BASKETS
Original  handwoven  baskets by  Pati  English  can be custom ordered in the accent colors of  your choice,
and  Pati's natural walnut stain.  Wood bases are finished with satin urethane to enhance the beauty of the
email, snail mail,  or  telephone  to place your order and for current price list.    Patterns,  Handles,
Wood Bases, and Kits are available; print the
Order Form, then send along with your check or money order.
Or, choose to weave a basket at Pati's home studio in Seneca, utilize the
Registration Form to sign up today.
Twill Cathead in Black w/optional Spiral of color NCBA Exhibit
Available in two sizes, this  black beauty  is available  in  any
color of  your choice.  Accent is on cathead base shape in flat and
flat oval reed. Notched add-in, painted black, oak handle.        
Pattern $5.00 9" Kit $99
Black Bargello Cathead Basket KBA & NCBA
6" x 9" x 6 1/2"  Black flat oval reed, round reed in your choice
of 2 colors for 3 Rod Wale and Reverse  in  the  Bargello arrow  
design. Emphasis  is on hand shaping  the  woven cathead base.  
Black waxed linen border.        Pattern $5.00  Kit $99
Becoming Blue NCBA Exhibit Award, NBO Exhibit
approx. 5" x 9-11" x 8"
Round reed 5
-rod  wale  "becoming"  technique on a 4" round oak
wood base creates a unique design inbands of color. Emphasis on
hand shaped increasing and decreasing rim opening.  In color of
your choice.   Pattern $5.00  Kit $99
Chocolate Pedestal         S.C. Weave-In Convention    
5" x 9" x 7"       Round reed in 3 and 5 Rod wale on a 4" round wood base.
Emphasis is on hand shaping/continuous weave. Finish w/Pati's original no
tuck folded rim. Place bowl in rim opening, serve desserts/chocolates. Add vase
w/flowers                                                 Pattern $5 Kit $79
Chasing Diamonds       1st Place NCBA Exhibit              
10" x 10" x 12"   Inspired by a Native American diamond design,
woven in 2 contrasting colors in a twill zig-zag around the basket
without a pattern break; 4 wooden feet add height to the
Pattern $6.00  Kit $149
Oval Vessel with Lid     S.C. Weave-In Convention      
approx. 5" x 9' x 8"   Oval wood base, flat reed weavers, and
round reed 3 rod wale creates a twill focal point.  Hand shaping
and fitting lid to basket are emphasized.         
                                     Pattern $5.00  Kit $72
Round Reed Spiral with Lid    NCBA &  S.C. Weave-In Conventions  
12" x 5 1/2"    6" round wood base,  flat reed stakes,  round  reed
weavers in  continuous 3 rod wale  spirals of  two color choices.   
Matching  spiral  lid  fits  the recessed twine
and braid lip; with wood knob grip.          Pattern $5.00  Kit $79
Round Reed Twill w/Teardrop Handle  NCBA Convention  
8" x 11" x 5 1/2", 12"Hdl 5" x 8" oval wood base,  flat reed stakes,
flat oval weavers and round reed in your choice of color.  The twill
technique is a continuous 3 rod wale woven with  a step up.  

Cable stitch border and Cane braid teardrop handle.
                                          Pattern $5.00 Kit $89   
Sampler Seven Carryall             14" x 16" x 8", 14" w/Handle
Woven filled-in base is the first of 7 techniques in this basket.

Cherokee wheels in round reed,  bordered by  double 4 rod wale.
Add dyed overlays in choice of  2 colors.   Finish with cable stitch
border,  arrow  "V"  handle wrap  and an optional interlocking "V"
                          Pattern $5.00  Kit $89
Tailgate Party Tub, Or Laundry Storage Basket
Features a woven filled-in base, Four Rod Wale, Braid weave or
Continuous Seagrass/Round reed accent. Create built-in side handles,
optional increasing technique, with emphasis on shaping.       
Pattern $5.00 Kit $79
Open Weave Interlaced Cathead Basket   
   NCBA TBA Conventions
Woven base with emphasis on hand shaping the cathead.  

Learn new Open   Weave interlace technique as the focal
point, 3 rod wale borders, and color placement.
Color of your choice.       Pattern $5.00  Kit $89
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