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                                                              BEGINNER BASKETS
Select a handwoven basket by  S.C. Resident Artist, Pati English,  and custom order in your choice of colors
hand dyed in her Seneca, S.C. studio.  
email, snail mail, or telephone for current pricing.  Patterns, handles,
wood bases, and kits available;  print the  
Order Form and send your check or money order.   OR choose to
register for a basket workshop in the artist's studio, print  the  
Registration Form and  sign up today.
Bread Basket
Choose the size basket  you  prefer for a  small loaf  (bread machine size),   or a
long loaf of bread.  This is a great beginner basket in a rectangle base and dyed
accent colors of your choice.                                                     Pattern $4.00  Kit $49
Casserole Basket
Rectangle  basket  fits  casserole  and baking pans for a great carrier or storage
basket.   Traditional over and under weave in  flat  or  flat oval weavers,   with two
handmade side handles wrapped in cane.                     Pattern $4.50 Kit $49     
Nesting Shelf Storage  Baskets                                                     8 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 8"
8" x 10"  woven rectangle  base(or your custom size)  in the traditional  over  and  
under,  start and stop technique.  Continuous  increasing  technique on 3 sides
to  add  height to this basket.  Great for fruit, vegetables, recipe books and
more                        Pattern $4.50 Kits:          Small-$45;  Medium $55  Lg $72
Doorknob & Wall Basket                                                      5" x 3" x 7", 9" w/Handle
This is a small woven base,  with flat reed weavers,  and  dyed accent colors of
your choice.    Handle is built-in to the base to secure the basket  and allows to
hang  flat against a door or wall, or on a peg.   Makes a great  catch-all for  keys,  
mail, and more, at your door.                                                    Pattern $4.00 Kit $39
Flag Door &  Wall Basket                                                11" x 4" x 10", 13" w/Handle
A large  wall basket with alternating rows of red & natural/walnut  weavers,  and  
dyed   navy overlays.  Over and under,  start and stop weaving technique. Include
a handmade handle in size of your choice. Display on your front door, hang on a
peg, wall, or doorknob.                                                                Pattern $4.50  Kit $65
Gathering  Basket                                                     8" x 12" x 4-6", 12" w/Handle
8" x 12"  woven  rectangle basket with sturdy  oak  ''D"  handle.   Over  and under
start  and stop weaving,  and  increasing  technique on  2  sides of  this  basket.
Dyed accent weavers of your choice  To gather vegetables from your garden, or
store produce from your local market.    Store  firewood at your hearth or books,
and magazines near your reading chair.                          Pattern $4.50  Kit $49     
Market Basket                                          8" x 12" or 10" x 12" x 5", 12" w/Handle
Rectangle woven base and a sturdy oak handle, created in  traditional start and
stop weavers. Choose accent colors in flat and flat ovalreed. This is a  practical
basket; great for craft supplies, magazines, sturdy enough to tote your picnic or
tailgate supplies.                                                                 Pattern $4.50   
                                                                           Kit  8"X12"   $49     10"X12"-14"   $59
Jelly Jar & Salsa  Basket                                                                    3" x 3" x 3-6"
Small, woven square base with flat or flat oval weavers in the traditional  over &
under start & stop technique.   Include  rows of weavers in colors of your choice   
Weave  taller for a salsa jar basket.  Add-in wire handle.  Pattern $4.00  Kit  $29
Purse Tote  Basket           Small 3 1/2"x8"x7"  or Medium 5"x10"x8" + Handle(s)
Choose 2  tote handles with shaker tape or  houlder bag  length  incorporated
into the woven filled-in base.  Add 2 dyed accent colors of your choice to create
a pretty purse.                                                                         Pattern $4.50  Kit $49
8" or 10" Round Basket          8" - 10" round x 6", 12'w/handle
Twined base and wood handle start this beginner basket.  
Add 2 colors  of  your choice or select pastels in an heirloom
Easter basket for your favorite youngster. Optional rows of
curls added when basket is finished.     Another  Option:  2  
handmade side handles wrapped with cane.  
A great
Beginner Basket
Optional wood base basket Kit $50         Pattern $4.50 Kit $49  
Oval Tote Basket                 10" x 8" x 8", 12"w/Handle
Woven rectangle with  10"  "D"  handle,   flat reed weavers in
the  over &  under start & stop technique. Learn to square off
corners or allow opening to be oval  at  the rim.  
A great first
  Select accent color and optional curls.  
                                                      Pattern $4.50      Kit $49
Wall & Door Basket                                                   8" x 8" x 7" , 10" w/Handle
A narrow  woven base in  wide stakes  and  weavers.  The handmade  handle
wrapped in  cane  allows the basket to hang flat against the  wall or door. Add  
dyed  accent color of your choice and optional curls.        Pattern $4.50  Kit $45
Napkin,  CD,  Desk Basket                                                              7" square x 4-6"
Start a woven  square base,  add dyed accent color weavers  of  your choice.
Traditional start & stop technique.  Alternate wide and narrow weavers for more
texture. Fill your finished basket with table napkins, or cd's, dvd's, books at your
desk.                                                                                        Pattern $4.50  Kit $39
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