These original designs are handwoven by Pati English and can be custom ordered with her
hand dyed materials in accent colors of your choice; finished with natural walnut hull or oak stain.
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Diamonds on the Market or Bargello Carryall(NCBA Convention)8x14x8x14
w/Handle.   A woven filled-in base, in flat and flat oval reed.Choose diamond
overlay with Round  reed technique double 4 rod wale border; or Bargello 3 rod
wale  &  reverse 3 rod wale focal  point in vertical rows of arrows.  Sturdy  oak  
; several wrap designs.               Pattern $5ea Kit $79ea
Candle Lamp                  Tri State Guild            3" x 5" x 6"-9"
A unique wood base  with 110ac  volt candle and bulb create a lamp or night
light in any height.  Triple strand round reed braid accent allows light to shine
through.            Pattern $5.00 Kit Short $59  Tall Lamp $68
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Seneca Workshops
Bargello Tote Purse     GBA Convention                              3" x 10" x 6"
A  rounded  rectangle  wood  base  creates  a  sturdy  start for  this beautiful   
shoulder bag/purse.   Woven in flat oval twill, with round reed Bargello arrow
in choice of 2 accent colors, leather shoulder strap. Pattern $5.00 Kit $
Cotton, Toy, or Laundry Basket    S.C. Weave-In    12" x 18" x 14"
This large, historical  basket was utilized by our  ancestors to  gather cotton,
wider at rim for emptying. 12" square woven base, finishes in a round rim up to
18" wide and 14" tall.  Updated with overlays.     Pattern $5.00 Kit $75
Egg Basket                                                                             3" - 10"
Traditional design made with two round wood hoops, round reed "ribs" join
together to make this historical basket.  Woven God's Eye in your choice of
color accent.  Pattern $5.00  Kits for Sizes: 4" $25, 6" $39, 8" $59, 10" $79
Oval Bargello Basket    NCBA Conventions    
5x8x4x9w/handle  and oval wood base, round

reed in arrow choice of  2 colors. Swing handle
at rim.               Pattern $5.00 Kit $59
Plaid Carryall Basket                                12" x 12" x 8" x 14"w/handle
A woven filled in square  base  boasts  lots of  color from beginning to end.
Flat reed,  plaid design,  with overlay placement emphasized.   Finish with a
cable stitch rim border and braid cane wrapped handle for a comfortable and
decorative handle grip.                                             Pattern $5.00  Kit $
Double Handle Carryall NCBA Convention     12"x12" x 8" x 14"w/handle
Two 12" x 14" oak  handles  interlock  at the base for a  very sturdy basket.   
Woven in the plaid design,  finished with cane braid handle wrap.   A  woven
God's Eye "ties" the two handles together.                Pattern $5.00 Kit $149
Ribbons of Hope 2013 NCBA Convention,  Weaving Odyssey, PA  &  John C.
Campbell Folk School
  5"-6" round wood base is the newest in my series of
Breast Cancer Ribbon Baskets  in memory of my Mom.  Use a variety of colors
as pictured, for several  health issues. Great gift idea, fill with plant, bath or
kitchen items. Pattern $5.00 Kit $68
Sampler Six   8" x 15" x 7", 14"w/handle     With 6 different techniques,  
you will be sure to learn something new in  this pattern.  Space dyed in 3
colors adds pizzazz to the braid design and overlays. Complete with cable
border and wrapped handle.
 Pattern $5 Kit $79
Swirls and Stripes     NCBA & TBA Conventions           4" Round x 7" tall
4" round oak base in round reed continuous spiral and  3 Rod Wale stripes in
2 accent colors. Learn to step-up, flat top rim, and Pati's easy no-tuck
border. Add glass vase for your fresh or silk flowers. Pattern $5.00 Kit $72
Tall Tote          NCBA & S.C. Conventions     6" x 14" x 9", 14" w/Handle
Rectangle sturdy tote with braided seagrass  "belt buckle"  design,  or utilize
wide dyed maple strip and cane overlay.   Wrapped handle in pattern of your
choice. Great to tote wine, water or about anything   Pattern $5.00 Kit $68
Williamsburg Basket     Southern Living Magazine      5", 7", or 10"
Historical design updated in dyed stakes from the base; alternating wlnut/dyed
weavers.  Photographed in navy; or color of  your choice.
Great as carryall
& storage.           Pattern $5.00 Kit 5" $
55,  7" $66  10" $79
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Apple/Fruit Basket  6" Round x 9" x 11" w/Handle  Round  wood  base  with  
wider opening  at  the rim,  hand-made handle in a checkerboard wrap. 2 accent
colors of your choice.    Pattern $4.50 Kit $49
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Cherokee Inspired Tall Open Storage or Fancy Round Storage w/Curls Tall
basket has filled in base, 2 colors pictured in traditional Cherokee brown and red;
field of crosses. Round Storage basket has 8" twined base with primary and
secondary spokes, 2 color choices, 2 rows maple curls. Pattern $5ea   Kit $72ea
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