2020 Guilder's Weave, NCBA, Stateline, Upper S.C. Weave-In  

                             Colorful Cathead
A 5" traditional woven base in four dyed colors starts this
colorful basket, next in my series of “Cats”. Natural flat oval
weavers then coral, aqua, neon green, navy triple rows of Double
Four-Rod Wale create this carefree design.  Several other colors
available. Emphasis on hand/finger placement with shaping hints
for a 9” diameter cathead. Instructor-made Teardrop Handle is
covered in a new round reed wrap.               Pattern $5  Kit $72
   What's New at Pati's Studio
    for 2020
2020 Guilder's Weave and NCBA Conventions

                           A Basket Bouquet                 
These award-winning basket flowers earned Viewer’s Choice at
2019 NCBA Exhibit. Select three of the woven flowers secured to
green round reed stems and create your Basket Bouquet tied
with ribbon. Instructions included for all flower designs and
leaves. Dyed round, flat, flat oval weavers in shades of yellow,
coral, green, and purple. Display woven Basket Bouquet in your
glass vase filled with stones or in a woven vase.
                                                                   Pattern $10 Kit $79
            2020  NCBA and Stateline Conventions

                           Four-Colors Carryall                    
With a 6”x10” racetrack base, secure dyed spokes in four colors:
cocoa, neon green, coral, aqua (color choices available).
Emphasis is on shaping from base to rim  and attention to color
placement with all dyed flat oval Start/Stop weavers and Double
Four-Rod Wale in each color.  Finish with a round notched
Handle and four colors Twill Handle Wrap Technique.
                                                                  Pattern $5. Kit $84
                         2020 Guilder's Weave

                           Cross-Over Knot Bowl                
A fun 4” round wood base basket in dyed and natural flat, flat
oval and round reed. Emphasis on keeping round shape from
base to rim with attention to color placement overlays.  Dyed
aqua (other color choices) double round reed Cross-Overlays
wrap around the bowl shape basket gracefully reaching the
center Knot accent. Finish with dyed rim filler and dyed braided
lashing for added color.                                 Pattern $5.  Kit $66
2020 Guilder's Weave, NCBA, Stateline, Upper S.C. Weave-In  

                   Blue Ridge Cherokee Sampler
Cherokee Wheels and Chevron Arrow Handle Wrap are the
focus of this basket in denim blue (several color choices
available). With a 5”x 8” racetrack base, learn Four-Rod Wale
technique to secure spokes, Double Three-Rod Wale and Triple
Four-Rod Wale above and below the Cherokee Wheels.
Emphasis on attention to detail and keeping the racetrack shape
from base to rim.  Finish with Pati’s Cable Stitch lashing, Open
Notch Handle with Arrow Handle Wrap.    Pattern $5. Kit  $68
2020 Guilder's Weave and Stateline

                                   Wine Lines               
Combination of wine dyed flat oval and natural spokes set up
this racetrack base basket with a colorful pattern. Attention to
color placement creates lines and stripes with flat oval weavers
and twists of color in Double Four-Rod Wale. A wide dyed Over
3/Under 3 weaver gives the added solid stripe of color accent;
several color choices available. Finish with round top notched
Handle with Braid Wrap.                                Pattern $5.  Kit $68
More New Designs Under Construction Getting
Ready to Send to be Juried for Conventions 2021.