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            Open Weave Interlaced Cathead
              NCBA  and TBA Conventions
Dimensions: 5" woven base x 8" at widest x 9"    Woven cathead
base of flat reed,  alternate rows of natural and dyed flat oval
weavers. Round reed in Three Rod Wale  borders the   unique  open
weave interlaced design .                         Pattern $5. Class/Kit $89
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                                   NCBA Conventions  
                      Decorative Handle Wraps
Many designs to select from;  wrap two 8" x 12" handles, or handle
size of your choice.  Learn the popular Double  or  Triple Braid,  "V"
Arrow or Flying Geese,  NEW Diamond Wrap, NEW Ti-Twine Wrap,
Twill and  more. Or choose to create a Handle Sampler with several
designs on one handle.                         Pattern $5  Class/Kit $37  
       Guilder's Weave and Tennessee Conventions   
           Cherokee Inspired Open Storage Basket
Square filled in base, 2 colors of choice, pictured   in cocoa and red.  
Dyed horizontal and vertical placement creates Cherokee field of
crosses.                                     Pattern $5.     Class/Kit $72
Copyright, April 22, 2014, Pati English. All rights reserved. All images protected under
copyright. Request written permission for any use or reproduction of images and designs on
this site.
2017 Ft. Myers, FL     Four Leaf Clover Basket & Tray
Start with a lucky four-leaf clover woven base then, Three-Rod
Wale bands of color, and inside spiral techniques pictured in
clover green, cocoa brown, and natural round reed with choice of
other colors. Finish the base with bi-spokes and Four-Rod Wale
“foot”.  Weave 1/4” flat oval start/stop side walls with outer wall
decorative open weave technique, rim and two side handles
lashed with cane.  A decorative hanging basket; add liner to serve
as a bread basket,  add acrylic or glass plate to use as a tray.
Advanced Round Reed Weaving Level  8 hours
Diameter 10”-13”; w/Handles 15” x 3” (H)
.                                                       Pattern $5    Class/Kit    $79
             2016 Weaving Odyssey, Gettysburg, PA
Double Triple Tote or Purse Basket
Start with a 5” x 8” oblong “racetrack” wood  base for the Tote or
a 3”x10” base for Purse. Chase Weave to secure stakes, Start and
Stop flat and flat oval reed. Add color accent in navy, (other color
choices available). Learn Triple Twine a.k.a. Three-Rod Wale and
Continuous Double Triple Twine. Cable Stitch rim lashing and
choice of brown or black braided leather tote handles or 45”
braided leather purse shoulder strap. Pattern $5  Clsass/Kit $89
6”(W)x9-10”(L)x9”(H); 18”w/Tote Handles/45” Shoulder Strap  
Updated 9/19/16
                     2017 Guilder's Weave  
                     A Woven Lighthouse                         
A 4" round wood base basket is woven in all round reed black/natural,
red/natural, or colors of your choice. Weave Five-Rod Wale to create
this spiral basket or Thrre-Rod Wale with a step-up every row for the
horizontal bands of color in many lighthouses.
A pretty vase, pencil holder, utensil storage and more.
Pattern $5 4"-5" Round Class/Kit $49  Small 2"-3" base Lighthouse $39
2017 Guilder's Weave        Double Braid Carryall                        
An 8"x15" woven filled-in rectangle base with over/under weave,
Three-Rod Wale, Four-Rod Wale, and Double Braid Weave in
navy/wine or choice of 2 colors. Finish with Triple Strand Braid and
dyed accent handle grip. Emphasis on shaping and round reed
techniques.                                           Pattern $5    Class/Kit $79  
                           2017  Ft. Myers FL & NCBA    
                            Triple Arrows Cathead                        
A 5" Shaker cathead base, with 3 rows of round reed Triple Arrows
Three-Rod Wale with Reverse Three-Rod Wale in navy/wine or 2
contrasting colors of your choice. Insert a fine ash notched handle
with decorative handle dip/grip.      Pattern $5    Class/Kit $72  
NCBA 2017 Convention     A'Round Basket
striking design of contrasting lines in navy or color of choice. Begin
this beauty with a round slotted base, weave Four-Rod Wale to secure
spokes. Start/Stop Weave in wide and narrow dyed and natural reed.
Color placement, overlays, Triple Three-Rod Wale create focal points.
Finish the notched handle with handle wrap of choice. Fill with your
favorite quilts, towels, great for tailgate.
Pattern $5    10" Base for Large Basket Class/Kit $89
               8" Base for Medium Basket Class/Kit $75  
              Guilder's Weave & NCBA Conventions  
                   AOcean Waves a.k.a. Triple Braids    
Begin with a 6"x10" racetrack base, Four-Rod Wale secures spokes,
Start/Stop weavers, 3 rows of Triple Strand Braid in royal blue for a
nautical look alternate with 3 rows of Four-Rod Wale. Finish with
round top notched handle and my newest Triple Triple Braid handle
wrap technique.                                   Pattern $5  Class/Kit $79
               2018 Guilder's Weave & NCBA Conventions  
                                     Interlocking Tote  
Start on a racetrack base, Four-Rod Wale as the accent in
aquamarine, or color of your choice. Weaver Placement and
Sequence change to create the interlocking puzzle piece design.
Insert round top nothced handle and finish with round reed
handle wrap including new dyed braided handle grip.
$5  Class/Kit $89